Wizz Air Hand Luggage Allowance and Cabin Bag Policy

Wizz Air Cabin Baggage Policy

Wizz Air is a very low cost airline and has a very small and most importantly, different hand luggage policy than nearly any other European airline, charging for larger cabin bags. In what can only be described as a money making move…

The `free smaller cabin bag` on Wizz Air Flights

Wizz Air Cabin Bag Size which is free: 42 x 32 x 25 cm

It must fit in the seat in front of you – it is worth bearing in mind that this is probably very uncomfortable as a lot of Wizz air reviews mention poor leg room!  Still, it is free…

Recommended Wizz Air Cabin Bag

Worlds Lightest Cabin Size Flight Bag, weight 0.4Kg, dimension 42cm x 29cm x 16cm – Fits Wizz Air Smaller Size See Reviews and Price on Amazon

I will admit I have not used or got this bag but I have never had to use such a small bag! Rated highly and would fit the dimensions.

Alternatively, get a small backpack like this one and you will save yourself at least approximately £10 making the bag a very low cost!


The larger “paid” cabin bag on Wizz Air Flights

Seems pretty stingy to be honest although Wizz do claim this will allow them to pass on a £4.50 saving to every customer but there is a  fee for this larger cabin bag (at the time of writing in October 2013.)

This does allow a good size cabin bag though at 56 x 45 x 25 cm which is the same as BA and easyJet which is good.

Weight limit of 32 kg which is massive.

Suitable Large Inexpensive Cabin Bag which is Fee Free for Nearly Any Other Airline

I have used this cabin bag and it really is excellent, with a good size, lightweight and flexible.  It could be a little more stylish but there are many choices of design and it is not the most durable but it is worth it for the lighter weight and lower cost.

—->>Click Here to See Pricing, Ratings and Reviews on Amazon.co.uk <<—–

Wizz Air Cabin Bag Fees from the Official Site

FeeCalculationLow seasonHigh season
Large cabin bag Scheduled flight time is less than 2:40 hours.Per flight, per passenger10 EUR15 EUR
Large cabin bag Scheduled flight time is 2:40 hours or more.Per flight, per passenger13 EUR20 EUR

Check the official site for the latest on Wizz Air`s policy to check if they raise their prices.  If there is an update and we have it wrong please get in touch, I love hearing from you!

Other free items on Wizz Air

Also, allowed a duty free bag.

In addition, passengers can carry the items listed below:

  • a coat or blanket
  • cellular phone
  • reading material for the flight
  • for children under the age of two: food for the duration of the flight, foldable baby carriage or a small crib
  • a pair of crutches for the physically disabled

This is only a guide so please check with Wizz Air before flying for the latest rules.

Please share this page with your friends/family/pets if you think they will benefit and save some money!


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