Why You Should Try to Travel with Just Hand Luggage on Your Next Trip

6 Reasons Why You Should Travel Hand Luggage Only

What are the advantages of travelling hand luggage only?  These are questions that I often hear and I always think that these people obviously have not yet experienced the joys and ease of travel hand luggage only. Once you start travelling with less the advantages of hand luggage only travel become abundantly clear.

As airlines are getting cheekier and greedier with their charges and flights are becoming more and more expensive the costs of flying are increasing rapidly for passengers.  One way to beat these extra costs and to reduce air fares is by travelling hand luggage only.  However, cabin bag only travel brings numerous benefits above financial savings.

Luggage carousels are a thing of the past

You no longer have to stand around waiting for your suitcase if you travel hand luggage only!

The advantages of travelling light with just cabin baggage

1) Quicker – you no longer have to worry about queueing to check in or drop off your hold luggage.  Immediately, you have saved time, frustration and hassle by beating all the bag drop queues. Once you have arrived you no longer need to wait at the baggage carousel either.

2) No lost or stolen luggage – Nobody else can mess with your luggage and you stop the chance of the stupid airlines sending your bag to the other side of the world. No clumsy oaf can break or damage your bag and its precious contents either (unless it`s you that broke my bag!) Your luggage is safer and more secure in your own hands.

3) It is often very significantly cheaper to travel light as you don`t have to pay to put baggage in the hold.  For example, just one piece of hold luggage on a return flight costs £50 – just for transporting your cases.  This can be more expensive than the flights itself so it pays to travel with just carry on bags. It can even cost up to around £100 to carry hold luggage on some flights so it makes financial sense to travel light.  Sometimes checked baggage fees cost more than the initial flight with budget airlines – don`t let them beat you at their silly games!

In fact, it is often cheaper to buy brand new cabin baggage than to book hold luggage for a flight!

Travel hand luggage only pays for itself

Travelling light pays for itself

4) Fly through terminals (Ok, not literally!) but you no longer have to wait for your bags and suitcases to be the last out of the carousel which means you can just get your holiday started quicker and means you can return home quicker too.

5) Reduced hassle and stress – Seriously, try travelling with just cabin baggage and you will see the main advantage of hand luggage only travel.  You no longer have to worry about bag drops, carting your suitcase around the airport, no waiting around carousels, no clumsy staff breaking your suitcase, faster travel and it can`t be stolen.  It helps to removes a lot of stress and hassle of modern airports.

6) It helps the planet – less fuel is needed due to less weight on the plane and you buy less plastic rubbish from China as you can`t take the kitchen sink with you.  It is similar to the idea of foodmiles and I guess it even reduces carbon dioxide emissions. This makes the world a better place – yay!

Sold on the idea yet? Travelling with just hand luggage pays for itself in no time! I think you are starting to see why more and more people are travelling with just hand luggage.  However, before you start packing you do need to do a little bit of planning.

How  to Travel Hand Luggage Only

  • Know the hand luggage allowance and rules for the airline you are travelling on.  This is absolutely crucial because if you are caught breaking these rules you will end up paying for it.  At cabinbaggagesize.co.uk we have detailed information on all the different cabin baggage rules and restrictions to help you avoid penalties and enjoy using hand luggage.  Some airlines have no weight limit for hand luggage like EasyJet while others like Ryanair have a maximum weight limit of 10kg.
  • Choose and buy the right piece of cabin baggage to maximise your hand luggage allowance.  We have written a piece to help you take the decision of what piece of hand luggage to buy for your trip.  Check out my Cabin Max review.
  • Follow our ultimate guide to travelling with just hand luggage.  It contains extensive tips and ideas to help you travel with just cabin luggage allowing you to gain the benefits of cabin baggage as discussed in this article.
  1. Pack what you need – you don`t need all those shoes!
  2. Wear a lot – always try to wear your heaviest and largest clothes when you fly so you save space in your case.  Also try to wear a few different layers to save space and weight – clothes with pockets are useful.
  3. Pockets – use them wisely to store vital travel documents that you need easy access to as well as to store larger items like cameras and book.
  4. Take the tablet instead of the laptop – you don`t need a big, bulky laptop, just use your phone or invest in a smaller tablet.
  5. Toiletries – buy them when you arrive.  This saves the hassle of worrying about the 100ml rule and also saves a lot of space.
  6. Want more packing tips?
Now you know why you should fly hand luggage only, why not read out best hand luggage guide to decide what case to choose to make the most out of your hand luggage allowance.


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