Thomson Cabin Baggage Allowance and Limits

Thomson has a rather small cabin baggage allowance as on most flights you are only allowed to take 5kg due to the hand luggage weight limit for Thomson airlines.  However, you are allowed a large bag of up to 55cm x 40cm x 20cm.

Some flights booked with package holidays allow up to 7kg of hand luggage and this will be clearly stated whilst booking.  So, it may be worth checking before you fly.

However, you may find that you have a free 15 kilogram hold allowance per person if booked as part of a package holiday.

Recommended Cabin Bag for Thomson Flights

I am really pleased with my Cabin Max Frankfurt Messenger and Laptop Carry On Bag.  It has several pockets – including a dedicated laptop section and is a very versatile and lightweight bag (less than 1kg).  This means it does not eat up your measly 5kg weight limit on Thomson (very important given the rubbish size of the allowance!) It is also inexpensive and highly rated on Amazon.  See my more detailed review of this bag.

Taking the right cabin bag can save you money on baggage fees and much hassle and stress at the airport.

To Summarise:

Thomson allow

  • 5kg hand luggage weight limit or 7kg on some package bookings (whoop de doo!)
  • 55cm x 40cm x 20cm maximum dimensions for hand luggage.
  • Trunkis are allowed as long as under 5kg.

See how this compares with other airlines cabin bag allowances.

Check out the rest of our website to see the best cabin baggage cases, the advantages of taking hold luggage, how to travel with just hold luggage and more.

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      • Couldn’t agree more, why should I be subsidising obese people? Passengers should pay a supplement if say their weight or BMI exceeds a certain limit.

        • I know right – I can understand why such a policy is never used and how in some cases it may discriminate against people. Yet, it seems outrageous that someone who weighs 60 kg may be fined for taking more than 10kg while someone who is 120kg can take another 10!

        • as a larger person I would happily pay extra for my flight ……… if I got a bigger seat. which you don’t.

        • Very true – I think the airlines should introduce a sort of upgraded seat which provides more room and comfort for all.