Thomas Cook Cabin Baggage Allowance and Limits

Thomas Cook Airlines have a decent luggage policy although it may be difficult to pack for longer trips with just hand luggage as the weight limit is fairly low at 6kg.  Hold luggage is standard though (the size varies depending on your ticket and destination).

Thomas Cook have a cabin baggage allowance of:

  • 1 main item cabin bag + additional item
  • Weight allowance of up to 6 kg
  • Size limit cannot exceed the dimensions of 55cm by 40cm by 20cm
  • Child`s Trunki cases are allowed as long as they are within the 6 kg weight limit

The additional item can be a laptop, small ladies handbag, small bag with shoulder strap, duty free items or assistive devices for people with disabilities. The page also says a camera, overcoat, babies food but this seems unlikely to be enforced and a bit of a waste of your allowance so I would just put those items in a pocket or put them on for a couple of minutes while at the gate.

You can check the official rules here.

This page is only a guide and if you have special circumstances it is always best to contact the airline and ask.


I hope you found this page useful and if you know a friend flying with Thomas Cook soon please share this page with them so they avoid paying excess baggage fees and worrying about baggage limits! Make sure you follow the Thomas Cook cabin baggage allowance fully or you may find you have to pay extra fees and fines.

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