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Just relax and travel smarter

Just relax and travel smarter.  P.S You don`t need this many cases!

If you want to travel smarter; cheaper, faster, lighter and with less stress and hassle then you`re in the right place!

Travel Smarter – What Does It Mean to Me? The CabinBaggageSize.co.uk Definition

I really focus on helping you travel smarter which I would classify as:

Anything that helps you travel in a more desirable manner i.e. cheaper, quicker, safer, with less stress and hassle but more flexible and fun! The focus tends to be on flying simply because this is the most common method but I will try to move into other areas and the same advice like travelling light and the right bag size is applicable across the board.

In short, helping you improve your travel experience by:

  • Helping you travel smarter and light.
  • Showing you how to beat extortionate airline fees and the airlines.
  • Giving you all the airline hand luggage allowances.
    so you take the right bag and don`t pay airline excess baggage fees.
  • Providing honest fair reviews of stuff that helps you travel smarter.

The quickest wins and easiest progress to smarter travel is simply taking less

These two may have overpacked...

These two may have overpacked… don`t be like them with bulging bags.

Basically, taking a little less in your bag is the key to smarter travel it allows you to travel:

  • Quicker – Just skip *that* carousel and security.
  • Cheaper – You avoid checked baggage fees and pay less baggage supplements.
  • With greater security – Less risk of stolen/damaged/separated bags.
  • With less stress  – Less stuff to worry about.
  • Freer – More freedom to explore, catch your connecting flight or do more unique experience.

You may want to see my advice on travelling lighter.

Good Starting Points

A very good starting point is How to Travel Light is an in depth guide to taking less using four key simple steps and with an example packing list. Taking less helps you save money, travel quicker and with less stress and with less to lose.

You may be interested to check out my recommendations page for reviews of gear and links to useful resources to help you travel smarter. Check out the airline cabin baggage allowance guides to make sure you get the most out of the allowance, take the right bag and don`t fall afoul of excess baggage fees.

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I appreciate you!

Thanks for taking the time to look around and as such I`m here to answer any of your queries and give you advice.  Feel free to shot me a mail at dave @ cabinbaggagesize.co.uk and I will get back you with my personal advice/opinion.

If you have any articles you want to see or suggestion please get in touch, I love to hear from you!

Future Plans

Also I am continually trying to improve the look, feel and social aspects of this site to build a community and make the great information clearer and in a more attractive format.

I`m working on:

  • Adding more airline hand luggage allowances to this comparison page.
  • Creating an ebook to help you travel smarter.
  • Greater engagement on social media platforms – I`ve just started on Twitter and Google + but want to create a Facebook page too.
  • Creating some Youtube videos – I think this will be awesome but just need to find the time to do it.
  • More reviews of relevant products – check out our recommendations and reviews page for the latest.

As you can see – (quite a lot!) as well as general maintenance of the site, answering your questions (feel free to contact me) and trying to get more people to “travel smarter.”

I will also mention that I run a few non-intrusive ads on the site to help pay for its maintenance, hosting, security and to allow me to expand it and add new articles and purchase the equipment for reviews  – helping more people travel smarter.  If you really like the site then please subscribe to our Travel Smarter series and you can even support us for free in other ways too.

Everything I recommend and review is all advice and simply my personal opinion and I look at the advantages and disadvantages of all products and services so you can see what is right for you with less research and effort yourself.  

Thanks for being awesome!