Ryanair Move to Improve Customer Service

Ryanair has undertaken a series of moves to become more customer friendly after notorious chief exec Michael O`Leary said the airline wanted to scrap its “macho” image and not “unnecessarily piss people off.” That seems like common sense…

Ryanair is trying to become more customer friendly and improve its image.

Ryanair is trying to become more customer friendly and improve its image.

Still these reforms are good and part of a drive from Ryanair to not be as annoying (since when was referring to customers as “idiots” good business or PR sense anyway?)

Ryanair Customer Service Proposals

  • Improved hand luggage policy (hallelujah!)  From December 1 2013 Ryanair will allow you to take a small handbag or other small bag (35cm by 20cm by 20cm) along with the current Ryanair cabin bag size of 10kg and a bag of 55cm by 40cm by 20cm which is relatively small.   This is definitely a  good proposal for customers and is an encouraging sign and will be very beneficial for short haul passengers.
  • 24 hour grace period for “minor mistakes” Allowing customers to change small mistakes for free like names is good too considering some cost £110 at the moment! From November 1st 2013.
  • Lower fees for reissuing boarding cards and checked bags at the airport – good moves.  Checked bags at the airport desk will lower from £60 to £30 from January 5th 2014.
  • Quiet flights – no unnecessary intercom announcements from 9pm to 8am (hooray!) Meant to improve the customer service as you can sleep easier.

Overall these changes are good but it seems strange that a business has just realised being annoying for the sake of it is not good! Ryanair appear to be trying to improve their image but potential customers should still be aware that there are still hurdles to jump through and while these changes are positive much more will have to be done to improve the airline.  For example, check in at the airport costs £70 and customers still queue/fight/bundle for a seat.

Still, it says these are the “first in a series of customer service improvements”.

Most importantly – better cabin bag allowances – yay! Ryanair appears to be getting the message but this is only the beginning and there are still many hurdles to jump through.


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