Ryanair Cabin Baggage Allowance and Limits

Ryanair Cabin Baggage Allowance 2014

Ryanair actually offer a decent hand luggage allowance offering up to 2 bags for free although you still have to be careful because they they are strictly enforced. There is also a 10kg weight limit for hand luggage. As a budget carrier Ryanair charge for hold luggage so making the most of the free Ryanair hand luggage allowance can save you significant money and time at the airport.

Ryanair cabin baggage has been upgraded along with this logo to improve their reputation and service

Ryanair cabin baggage has been upgraded along with this logo to improve their reputation and service

The Ryanair Cabin Baggage Limits

TIP: Measure the weight of your bag before you get to the airport and make sure it is less than 9.5 kg (including the bag) to be completely safe  

  • You are allowed two pieces of cabin baggage per passenger and this also excludes infants.
  • Maximum sizes of the cabin bags is 55cm x 40cm x 20cm and one smaller handbag at 35 x 20 x 20 cm. This is the  very maximum and Ryanair have a no exceptions attitude to this.  In fact, it has been proven that Ryanair have agreed to pay staff small bonuses for catching people over the cabin baggage limit.
  • There is a maximum weight limit of 10 kg for the main cabin bag and as far as I know no limit for the smaller one but be reasonable.
  • You must follow the standard liquid restrictions for hand luggage - find out how to beat the liquid rules.
  • See our guide about how to pack light.  Travelling with just hand luggage is easier than you think.

Top Tip – Get Luggage Scales to Make Sure Your Bag is 10kg or Less

Most Popular Luggage Scales on Amazon – See Their Prices and Reviews -  You can buy luggage scales for about £5 online and won`t pay the £60 penalty for breaking the Ryanair cabin baggage rules.  A good idea to pack it so you won`t fall afoul of the rules going home too.


This new upgrade to the cabin baggage allowance for Ryanair along with other measures to improve customer service and satisfaction means you are now allowed:

  • To take 2 cabin bags on board per passenger
  • 1 up to a maximum of 55 x 40 x 20 cm with a weight limit of 10 kg.
  • AND you are now allowed one small bag like a handbag with maximum dimensions of 35 x 20 x 20 cms. 

While I tend to recommend the approach less is more in terms of baggage this is a very good move and will help more people travel with just free hand luggage saving money and hassle at the airport. Read on for further details including recommended cabin bags for Ryanair flights, the Ryanair oversized cabin bag fee more details, specifics and exceptions and advice on how to travel smarter…

Ryanair  Penalty – Ryanair Excess Hand Luggage Fine

This Ryanair excess baggage fee has been cut to a much fairer £30 but it shows it still pays to follow the rules and it will still be very annoying and stressful to have to pay a significant fine which is easily avoidable.

Make sure your luggage fits within the Ryanair luggage gauge or you will pay a hefty penalty.

Make sure your luggage fits within the Ryanair luggage gauge or you will pay a hefty penalty.

Recommended Cabin Bag for Ryanair – Ryanair Hand Luggage

The two bags I currently recommend for Ryanair are:

The Cabin Max which is a practical, lightweight and cheap backpack which will be fine for most travellers or the Right Size Cabin Bag (my review) which is a wheeled higher quality case and has some cool features but is a little more expensive and heavy.

A lightweight, inexpensive bag which is suitable for easyJet flights is the Cabin Max Cabin Bag. I have this bag myself and did find it to be a cheap way of carrying a lot in my hand luggage easily and the bag is of a reasonable quality.

The bag is also available in many other colours such as Navy, Grey/Green, Camo, Yellow, Grey/Purple so you can choose a colour scheme you like.

Check the Latest Colours on Amazon

This bag is guaranteed to fit within the dimensions of the Ryanair hand luggage allowance so you will avoid luggage fees and you can fit a lot into this bag.  Although you will have to be wary of breaking the 10kg weight limit so get some luggage scales too. I have a more detailed review of this cabin bag but I would recommend purchasing it as it will save money on baggage fees and time as it allows you to travel hand luggage only.

The main downside which is also a positive is the shape is quite flexible, meaning when fully loaded the bag could expand and so you will need to just check and possibly compress it to fit within the Ryanair limits but this can be very easily done.   This can be slightly annoying but at the same time means the bag is flexible for packing. Rated very highly on Amazon by many who have flown with Ryanair.  I would recommend it for your next flight.

—->>Click Here to See Pricing, Ratings and Reviews on Amazon.co.uk >> 

 Ryanair Hand Luggage Rules Summary

To summarise, now two pieces the main bag up to 55 x 40 x 20cm, up to a weight limit of 10kg and a smaller bag up to 35 x 20 x 20 cmas cabin baggage on Ryanair flights, or you will exceed the Ryanair cabin baggage limits.

I also always advice you to check the official Ryanair website for the latest rules in case they change and am happy to be corrected and answer your questions but please bear in mind I am not the official website just a useful guy trying to help!

If you liked this you may want to learn how to travel light. If you found it useful please share it so others learn how to travel smarter and avoid ruining their trip by breaking the rules for Ryanair.  Thanks!

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