Ryanair Allocated Seating But Is It Too Late?

Desperate Measures – Is Ryanair Behind the Times

Ryanair is desperate to appease customers it seems and improve their poor brand image so are now moving to allocated seating, a better website, better hand luggage, reduced excess baggage costs, a friendlier Twitter, a grace period for some changes and more to soften their macho image and improve satisfaction after they started to see lower than expected revenues.

Ryanair is trying to become more customer friendly and improve its image.

Ryanair is trying to become more customer friendly and improve its image.

They have realised that is was bad to “unnecessarily piss people off” (an actual quote!) and have already announced a series of reforms to improve customer service after making less money than they thought and seeing easyJet`s success.

  • The latest changes include an early Christmas present in the form of a slash in the cost of excess baggage from £20 or 20 euros to £10/10 euros per kilo at the airport which is actually decent and in line with many other airlines and cheaper than others.
  • There will also be allocated seating on all flights from Feb 1st 2014  with a fee of £10 for better seats and £5 to pre book `standard seats.` Passengers can book allocated seats from 7 days in advance to 2 hours before the flight for free.

However, is it too late as everyone can see through Ryanair`s scheme to make us like them a little more as we all know they only want to rip us off and have started to switch to other airlines like easyJet and even BA`s hand luggage only fares.

Furthermore, there are still many other fees to dodge and it seems Ryanair is behind the pace with a poor website and no mobile boarding passes but an improvement is an improvement right?

Therefore, I welcome the changes despite the motivation behind them and they will improve people`s flights.



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