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Pros: Fits most European airlines giving you confidence, lightweight, unique features like built in combination lock, long extendable handle making it easy to use, very secure, small front pocket for passport/important documents, stylish due to the good selection of designs, EXCLUSIVE £5 DISCOUNT - read on!
Cons: The size is great and means it will fit on nearly any European flight but the downside is this means you are not always maximising the cabin bag allowance, the name tag thing is not so great but is another example of the cool little unique features this bag offers.

Disclaimer: generously gave me a free sample so I could leave an honest review but this has not affected my judgement of the bag and I list the pros and cons in this detailed review. I also got an EXCLUSIVE £5 DISCOUNT for CabinBaggageSize readers!

Take the right size cabin bag with you on your next trip.

Take the right size cabin bag with you on your next trip.

The Right Size Cabin Bag is a unique cabin bag designed to allow you to travel with less hassle as it fits nearly all European airlines cabin bag regulations at a size of 50cm x 39 cm x 19cm fitting within the easyJet GUARANTEED carry on allowance and Ryanair hand luggage allowances allowing you to save money travelling hand luggage only and avoid worrying about excess baggage fees.

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This bag will save you money on hold baggage and will fit within nearly all hand luggage allowances meaning you won`t have to worry about excess baggage.

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Now to carry on with the review to show the many positives and a couple of minor drawbacks of this bag…

It is meant to save you money as you don`t have to worry about being charged baggage fees for your cabin bag allowing you to truly travel smarter without worrying about luggage allowances (although you should still check them before you fly for weight limits. Get some luggage scales to stay within weight limits

The Right Size Cabin Bag Size and Airlines it Fits

The right size cabin bag dimensions fits nearly all European hand luggage allowances.

The right size cabin bag dimensions fits nearly all European hand luggage allowances.

  • Fits over 95% of European carriers and is within the guaranteed easyJet cabin bag size, and fits other airlines like Ryanair, Jet2, Monarch, Lufthansa, BA, Thomas Cook, Thomson and more.
  • 50cm x 39cm x 19cm
  • Designed to save you money on baggage fees and they claim the label will give you less hassle (probably true but I cannot personally vouch for that.)

The size of the bag lives up to its name. One minor criticism is that it is not always the maximum cabin bag size for an airline. However, that comes with the territory of fitting the allowances many different airlines and their myriad of rules.

You can fit quite a lot in if you pack smart and use a packing list to take the essentials.  Or if you use this bag in conjunction with hold luggage you will be able to take far *too* much on your next trip!


It is – for a cabin bag with a handle and wheels it is very light weight and easy to manoeuvre. This is very important as many airlines have weight limits for hand luggage (e.g. Ryanair 10kg.) Also, travelling light is a way to travel smarter and saves you stress and hassle and is in fact more environmentally friendly too as it uses less fuel on the plane! Most importantly, the bag is easy to carry.

The manufacturer says it averages a weight of 2.8 kg and I will test this soon.

Unique Features of the Right Size Cabin Bag

The bag also boasts a number of quite unique features which are useful and make it user friendly.

  • The built in zip combination lock is very clever and allows you to lock your luggage with a 3 digit pin making the bag very secure.  Once you have done this once it becomes very easy and is effective although the first time I tried it I was slightly confused because it is such a unusual feature. Basically, you insert the zips into the lock and then use the combination code which locks the zips meaning the case cannot be opened without the code.  How useful this is depends on you but even if you add another padlock it adds extra security to your luggage. This differentiates this case from others on the market too.
The built in zip combination feature is  unique and adds security to your bag,

The built in zip combination feature is unique and adds security to your bag,

  • The front pocket for putting your important travel documents is very useful for quickly finding passports/boarding info/tickets without a load of hassle.  Furthermore, the great thing is it can`t expand to make your bag exceed the baggage limit and end up paying a fee (this happened to me with easyJet on a return trip from Vienna with another bag and cost me 50 euros!)
  • The extendable handle is very good and long.  I`m 6 foot and can stand up straight and pull it along without stooping.  This is something that I often find is lacking on other bags so thumbs up for that!
  • There is a little name tag slip which is a neat idea but is actually not very good because it is a little difficult to get out and not the best quality. Don`t get me wrong – it is fine but it is unnecessary particularly as this case is for hand luggage but I suppose it adds to the secure aspect of the bag.

Very good and makes it easy to use.

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Pretty good.  The handle particularly feels very good and strong.  I have not much else to add other than it is a better quality than some other bags I have used.  It also comes with a 2 year warranty but I can`t comment on that as I have not used it. (If you have please leave a comment about the customer service.)


They offer a good range of styles from Denim to Pink, Red, shades of blue, Business Black and a nice Grey one which unfortunately was out of stock at the time of writing.  They are all in stock now!

Actually, I would really recommend the Denim one which I received as it looks very stylish and is quite attractive.  However, the logo is rather large on it (it looks fine) but that may make it look a little less fashionable!


The standard price for these cabin bags is £59 (£49 plus £10 shipping to the UK)

However, I have managed to secure an exclusive £5 discount taking the price to just £54! Use the voucher code “cbwebsite” to get a great little bag for a great price.

Purchase The Right Size Cabin Bag and choose your colour now and SAVE £5 using the discount code cbwebsite

It is worth bearing in mind the likely savings you will make on baggage fees by purchasing this bag.  Also, this cabin bag is of a good quality with a couple of unique useful features which I feel justifies  the price.

This also includes a 2 year warranty.

Conclusion of The Right Size Cabin Bag

Overall, I would definitely recommend The Right Size Cabin Bag.  If you are prepared to pay a little more you get a better bag which is of a higher quality, more stylish, brings peace of mind and has cool features like a small front pocket and built in zip combination lock. It is also very easy to use and move around due to the excellent, expandable long handle. It is very good and will likely save you money on baggage fees too as it is a great size at 50cm x 39 cm x 19 cm for the vast majority of airlines.

Buy Now – Enter cbwebsite as the Discount Code at the Checkout and Save £5 taking the total price to £54 instead of £59 after the £10 shipping and get a 2 year warranty!

Is This the Right Hand Luggage For You?

It depends on if you are willing to pay a little more for a better service and a little more style – if you are the right size cabin bag is the cabin baggage for you.

Rated 4.5/5 stars Fantastic bag and recommended 

Buy Now – Enter cbwebsite as the Discount Code at the Checkout and Save £5 taking the total price to £54 instead of £59 after the £10 shipping and get a 2 year warranty!

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