Screen and Ease of Reading
Ebook Availability and Compatibility
Battery Life
User rating
Pros: Take over 1000 books where ever you go and download more quickly. Saves space in your cabin bag. Weighs less than a paperback. A massive 8 week battery life. Syncs with the Kindle apps for Android, on the web and the App store. Free classic ebooks. Low price - incredibly cheap for the ability to carry so many books around so easily. Allows you to enjoy reading again (one of my favourite hobbies!) Built in light for the Kindle Paperwhite.
Cons: Amazon are sneaky and don`t include a proper plug unless you pay a little more (it is a pretty standard plug though.) Don`t buy a 3G one for more, it is pretty much pointless.

Why My Kindle Is One of the First Things on  My Packing List

Passport? Check. Flight tickets? Check. Foreign Currency? Check. Kindle…

The Kindle really is one of first items I pack for any trip. 

An Older Model of the Amazon Kindle

It is perfect for travelling light and allows me to carry hundreds of books wherever I go. This saves space and offers up a wide range of reading material for the flight, for the hotel, for the coach journey or by the pool. It is a fantastic, little device and has quite literally re-kindled my love for reading.

After getting my Amazon Kindle I now read more books than  before and have around 100 books with me at all times.  I also have the Kindle app on my phone, iPod and tablet (I don`t take all on trips) but it means I have constant access to books and therefore waste less time unproductively too and the Kindle app synchronises across devices. Yet, the Kindle e-ink technology is a large improvement than any non e-reader screen – even though your Ipad screen is brilliant it is not an e-ink screen meaning it is substantially worse for reading.

The slick Kindle Paperwhite.

Travelling light and paperbacks are more or less mutually exclusive – the Kindle solves that.  My old model is about the width of a single paperback and lighter, the latest versions are even slimmer and lighter!   They are less than the width of a single paperback which really does help you take your books on your trip smarter, saving valuable room in your bag.

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Large Battery Life

The gargantuan battery life of something to behold.  You could easily travel in the desert for 4 weeks and not need to recharge it if you turn the WiFi off – which you don`t need.  That makes it suitable for nearly any trek or trip for any traveller.  This makes it really useful and was one of my main concerns before purchasing.

But I like books…

I totally understand. I felt the same.  But.  You get used to it and the e-ink really works. Plus, you don`t have to use it to replace books.  I don`t.  I still read many paperbacks and hardbacks today.  Similarly, I will only purchase a Kindle book if it is significantly cheaper than the paperback.  Most impressively, I now read more paperback books AS WELL as Kindle books meaning I read a lot more now than I have for many years.  Also, Amazon are soon going to have a scheme where you get both – the Kindle book free or for like an extra £0.99.

No searching in second hand shops for English books

You get a massive choice and variety of books across the world in your bag wherever you go.  No more fumbling around shops just hoping to find a half decent book in English.  You now have almost instant access to Shakespeare (or E.L.James!) anywhere in the world.

Just download it in 60 seconds and read anywhere you go.

Like Free Books?

There are thousands of them.  Classics like Sherlock Holmes and Shakespeare are available for free as they have run out of copyright while there are annotated versions for mere pennies.  You can also sample a section of any book before you download and authors often run freebies or promotions on their books.

Other fantastic features include:

  • Built in dictionary and vocab tools to improve your vocabulary.
  • Records your place – tells you how much you have read.
  • Built in light – only on the Kindle Paperwhite
  • Adjustable text sizes so even gramps can read!
  • X-ray – get into the “bones of the book”.

In fact, I am hoping for the Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas as an upgrade from my “basic” Kindle which is about two/three years old.

5/5 Stars – nearly a perfect product and a perfect travel companion meaning you can more smarter but using a lot less space in your cabin bag.

A Kindle instead of multiple books is pretty much the definition of travelling smarter, the whole point of this site.  Therefore, I pretty much consider it necessary for anyone who travels and likes to read!

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Man`s new best friend? No, but something you will grow to love and you will rekindle your love for reading on your travels.

Back to my Kindle Review …

I would definitely recommend a Kindle to any traveller and have really found mine useful and enjoyable to have on my travels.  It is great having so many books with you at any time.

Get a Kindle and Enjoy Your Travels!  Highly recommended.

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