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Pros: Good size, low cost, easy to carry, laptop compartment, useful pockets, available on Amazon, comes with warranty, lightweight.
Cons: The style and design are very good but will not be winning any fashion awards, good quality but it has been on a budget.

Disclaimer: Cabin Max kindly gave me a free Frankfurt cabin bag so I could write this honest review. I`ve got to say I was pleasantly surprised!

The Cabin Max Frankfurt Messenger and Laptop Carry On Bag is one of many Cabin Max cabin bags which are designed to fit the carry on allowances of budget airlines.  The Frankfurt is a satchel bag which is very reasonably priced and is of a decent size meaning you can still fit enough clothes, a laptop, toiletires and other stuff to travel with just hand luggage for a few day using this bag.  Allowing you to:

  • Travel with just hand luggage.
  • Save money on luggage fees.
  • Not worry about excess baggage.
  • Maximise your free hand luggage allowance.
  • Have a better travel experience.


The bag is a very good size – the most important quality of a piece of hand luggage.  At 50cm x 34cm x 20cm it is comfortably within most airlines hand luggage allowance.  Check to see if it fits your airline here.

For example, it is well within the easyJet guaranteed cabin baggage size and should fit Ryanair, Monarch, Jet2, Flybe, BA etc at the time of writing.  Top marks here then.


It really is very lightweight and that means it take up less of your weight allowance.  Ryanair gives you 10kg for example and this bag weighs less than 1kg!   This also means the bag is very easy to carry over the shoulder and walk around with.  Keen travellers love to reduce the weight they are carrying so this is excellent too.

This also means you can squish it down into a larger case and it takes up less room in your cupboard.  Still, it may be a little less durable due to the soft shell type material.


  • Laptop compartment for laptops up to 17″ which has some padding to protect your valuables.
  • Great size for budget airlines carry on allowances.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Couple of other useful compartments for tickets, documents e.t.c.

Design and Style

Well designed – there is an adjustable strap and it is easy to carry.  You can also lift it up by a handle on the top but this is less comfortable.  It is actually a very bright blue but I am quite impressed with the colour and it jazzes it up a bit too.  However, some people may deem the blue to be a little garish and I don`t believe there is a choice of colours with this bag unlike this other Cabin Max backpack.  The other potential hiccup is there is a Cabin Max logo on it but it is nothing particularly annoying or obvious.

So while it is not going to win any fashion prizes it is a very practical and decent looking bag.

Quality and Durability

Quite good.  The zips and handles don`t feel cheap and it is of a higher quality than it looks on the website.  It seems to be able to take around 10kg but trying to fit tonnes into it would probably cause some damage given how light the bag itself is.

It does come with a guarantee and warranty.


Big thumbs up!  🙂 Available at a very competitive price meaning anyone can afford it – in fact by not buying it you may be at risk of a much bigger excess baggage fine and it is a good bag for general commuting too.

 Summary of the Cabin Max Frankfurt

Overall, I`m pretty impressed at the simplistic, practical and low cost design of the Cabin Max Frankfurt.  If it stops you taking just one hold bag onto your flight it will have paid for itself and it is a decent bag for day to day commute to work for example too as it is lightweight and has a laptop compartment.  I also rather like the bright blue colour it comes in although I`m also sure some people may not and the straps and handles are well designed too.

The Cabin Max Frankfurt is a messenger carry on bag,

The Cabin Max Frankfurt is a top cabin bag.

Rating: 4/5  Simply does the job – effective, practical and inexpensive satchel bag of a great size for hand luggage and with less sacrifice.  It would have to be my go to recommendation for a cabin bag if you`re not looking to shell out a lot of cash and it is of a very good standard.

Buy on Amazon


You can purchase the Cabin Max Frankfurt on Amazon and you may want  to check out some more of the positive reviews there too.  They also have a wide range of innovative products to help you pack on Amazon and their website.