Norwegian Cabin Baggage Allowance

Norwegian Airline Cabin Baggage Rules

Norwegian offer a reasonable hand baggage policy which is important as they do not offer any free hold baggage for most tickets (e.g. LowFare tickets). The free hand luggage allowance is therefore useful if you want to fly cabin bag only.

Norwegian LowFare Tickets Hand Baggage Rules

You can take 1 large cabin bag which must not exceed the dimensions of:

Cabin Bag Dimensions: 55cm x 40cm x 23cm.  However, you are also allowed a smaller item as explained below.

There is also a weight limit of 10kg so you will need to get some luggage scales before flying to make sure you do not break the hand baggage rules and end up having to pay more on the day for hold luggage and ruin your trip before you even start!

Note: for flights to/from Dubai the weight limit is 8kg

Looking for a Cabin Bag?  This bag fits the Norwegian airline dimensions, is lightweight so takes up little of your 10kg weight limit, is of a decent (though not amazing) quality, inexpensive and rated very highly on Amazon!

Check out the Amazon reviews of this bag which is GUARANTEED to fit Norwegian

Norwegian Personal Item Hand Baggage

Norwegian Airlines also allow to take a “small personal item” onboard as well as your main cabin baggage.  This can be a small hand bag or a laptop case which must be able to fit easily and comfortably under the seat in front of you.

This is really beneficial though and allows you to take a bit more.  However, don`t abuse this rule or you may end up having to pay extra fines or being told you have to leave items behind!  Just take a handbag or laptop case.

Norwegian Hand Baggage Rules

Norwegian hand baggage has to follow all the normal rules such as no more than 100ml liquid bottles.  Click the link for more information.

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All the information is regularly checked but before you fly check with your carrier as they regularly update rules e.t.c but my site is normally very accurate but it is your responsibility to double check before you fly! Official Norwegian Rules

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