Jet2 Cabin Baggage Allowance Policy

Jet2 Carry on Bag Rules and Limits

The Jet2 cabin baggage allowance is reasonably good allowing a large cabin bag (piece of hand luggage) at a size of 56cm by 45cm by 25cm for free but there is also a stricter weight limit of 10kg for hand luggage.  This makes their hand luggage policy pretty decent and normal for a budget airline.

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Jet2 Hand Luggage Allowance and Limits

    • 1 bag per person
    • 56cm by 45cm by 25cm is the dimensions of the Jet2 maximum cabin bag size.
    • Follow the usual liquid rules and regulations meaning no bottles of liquids over 100ml.
    • 10kg cabin bag weight limit
  • Read on for packing advice, recommended luggage and the link to the official Jet2 cabin baggage rules.

It`s worth a few pounds for some luggage scales for piece of mind and to make sure you avoid expensive excess baggage fees. There is no excuse to not get one.  It will help you avoid nasty surprises and you can make sure you are within the 10kg Jet2 hand luggage weight limit.  It pays for itself!

Recommended Jet2 Hand Luggage Bag/Cabin Bag

I am really pleased with my Cabin Max Frankfurt Messenger and Laptop Carry On Bag.  It has several pockets – including a dedicated laptop section and is a very versatile and lightweight bag (less than 1kg).  This means it does not eat up your 10kg weight limit on Jet2 as well and it fits comfortably into the maximum size limit for Jet2.  It is also inexpensive and highly rated on Amazon.  See my more detailed review of this bag.

The Cabin Max Backpack is also a great cabin bag – it`s very highly rated on Amazon (4.5 stars) and very reasonable. I actually have one myself and am quite happy with it. It’s lightweight too and has some useful pockets which allows you to make the most of your allowance. It`s available in a range of colours and they have some quite funky designs now including a beach design, map, polka dots and more. Click the image below to see all the options.

Taking the right cabin bag can save you money on baggage fees.  It is worth paying up a little for peace of mind, to avoid excess baggage fees and to have a better bag itself which is light and fits the hand luggage dimensions properly giving you more room to pack.


Before You Fly

It is always worth double checking your baggage allowance with Jet2`s website here for more information and clarification in case they change the rules.  Still, my guides are very accurate and are useful for comparison purposes too.

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You may also be interested in learning how to pack hand luggage only to save time, hassle and money on hold baggage fees.

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  1. What about taking a electric hotbrush in hand luggage with jet2 and phone charger, because electricals normally have to go in the hold

    • Hi Janice,

      You are allowed to take electricals in your hand baggage! So, you can definitely take a phone charger and electric toothbrush on your upcoming Jet2 flight.

      Happy travels!

      • Sorry I’ve had to reply on this thread but I could not find a corny button on my phone. Am I able to take supplements in my hand luggage. These at in pill form and are for weight management/body building


        • Hi Grant – good luck with the bodybuilding!

          They should be fine although it will probably depend where you are going. Within Europe will be fine but make sure you have proof that they are for bodybuilding and not other substances…

          REMEMBER The 100ml hand luggage liquid rules will apply also and they apply to a lot of substances so watch out for that.

          So should be fine, just be sensible and explain what they are if asked and you`ll be fine.

    • Unfortunately not Sue – it is one bag only so unless you put your handbag in a bigger cabin bag and take it out once you are on the plane you can`t take your handbag unless you pay for hold luggage.

      • no handbag then?? always been able to take one before, even Ryanair allow bag as long as fits under seat in front of you, this was only a week ago.

    • See my post on hand luggage liquid rules. Basically any toiletries can be taken as hand luggage if they are not liquid or if they are liquids they are in 100ml or less bottles. Simples. Thanks for your comment and have a great flight!

  2. Can I take duty free separately or does this have to go into hand luggage as well.

    • Normally you can (like on easyJet) if you purchase them at the airport. I wouldn`t worry about it – worst comes to worst you will have to squeeze it in. Or put it in your coat! I`m 99% sure it will be fine and even then you will just have to cram it in your bag.

      Have a great flight!

  3. What if I buy fragrances on my outbound flight but don’t open them, can I bring them back in hand luggage 6 days later?

    • Hi Nic

      If you buy them after security you can take them in the duty free bag on the way OUT but not the return.
      However, lots of airports and shops let you buy on your outward journey and collect once you get home for free so you could do that.
      Or you could carry them in hold luggage on the return journey.

      So I would recommend buying and collecting on the return if possible – see if they do that.

      Hope that helps and have a great flight!


  4. as an elderly passenger. can you give the hand luggage measurements in inches

    • Yes, I`ll try – but Google can do that it for you too, Matthew. Just Google `convert cm to inches` and there is a conversion calculator.

    • Yes, if you mean the PC ones or the pills! For tablet computers you often have to let them scan it and for pills you may need a doctor`s note or something (just explain what they are!). Hope that helps Emily.

    • Yes you should be allowed to carry insulin needles for diabetes or similar Carol. Best to take a doctor`s note though for security especially.

      I quote from “If you need to carry syringes, needles, insulin pens, epipens and medication in the aircraft cabin, you must carry a letter from your doctor confirming the need to carry them with you. If injections are required during the flight, they must be self-administered… You will need to declare the needles at Check-in, Security and to the senior cabin crew member when boarding the aircraft.”

      Hope that helps – after all they can`t not let people take these items if they are needed.

  5. Do you happen to know the size of the luggage you can book into the hold on a Jet2 Flight, I currently have large holdalls but want to invest in some decent family size cases. Dimensions would be grateful.

    • Hold luggage can be booked at which contains all the Jet2 baggage information Helen.

      Hold luggage does not tend to have dimensions restrictions (unless your case is ridiculous) – it is more about the weight. Jet2 seem to allow you to take up to 22kg if you pay for hold luggage. See

      Just check out the suitcases on Amazon Suitcases on Amazon

      Or a local store like Debenhams for hold luggage and check the weight is not too heavy or it will eat into the hold luggage weight allowance.

      Hope that helps Helen!

  6. My hand luggage is 58cm x 41cm x 25cm am I able to take this hand luggage on Jet 2 flight

  7. I would like to know if jet2 has some space where you have to put your cabin bag in order to check if it fits in and it has the right dimensions. 🙂

  8. Hi Dave. I have checked in Online but confused as to whether I have to check in any cabin luggae (as Im only travelling light!) and I have not paid anything for any cabin luggage as I thought that was included with flights? Am I correct?

    • Hi Mel.

      If you`re just taking one piece of cabin luggage (within the Jet2 dimensions) then you will not have to pay any more or check any luggage in.

  9. hi would I be allowed to take sandwiches and a soft drink I bought in the airport on the plane as well as my hand luggage ,thanks rob

    • Yes Rob – you can definitely take your sandwiches and soft drink onto the plane as well as your hand luggage. Best to get a duty free bag or put them in your jacket/coat pocket if anyone gets uptight but it`s all good 🙂

  10. Flying from Newcastle to benidorm can I purchase duty free spirits and cigarettes to take with me

  11. Is it possible to include beach chairs and a parasol if they are within the weight limit?

  12. I have had no reply to my query concerning beach chairs and a parasol. I would be grateful for an answer.

    • Hi Anne

      If they would fit inside the size/weight limits beach chairs and a parasol would be fine.

      However, it would probably be best to put them in checked luggage if you really need them or purchase them overseas especially if this is for a holiday home or something. There is no reason they can`t go in hand luggage if they fit though.

  13. Confused about the liquids. Can I take separate 100ml bottles of liquids? like 100ml of sun lotion and 100ml of shampoo etc… and put them all in one clear zip lock bag? Would it just be 100ml in total?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Michelle – yes 100ml max PER BOTTLE so you could take 100ml sun lotion, 100ml shampoo, 100 ml saline as liquids in one clear zip lock bag.

      Hope that makes sense.

      • Thanks for your reply, Dave. Just wanted to make sure nothing got confiscated 🙂

  14. hi there, i have purchased 1 suitcase to go in the hold of aircraft. will i still be allowed the 10kg allowance for my hand luggage? Many thanks, Michelle

  15. I’m going to be traveling with a 8month old baby do I have to pay for pushchair and can I have a seperate hand luggage bag for her as I’m only taking hand luggage for myself

    • Pushchairs are allowed and as your baby is under 2 years old you will not be allowed any extra hand luggage.

  16. Can i strap a small backpack onto the hand baggage case, to count as one item. It would be less than 10kg and within the accepted dimensions?

    • Hi David, I don`t think you can just tie them together I`m afraid. You have to have one item and be under the 10kg.

      So you could get a larger cabin bag and then put the small backpack into it (this is what I normally do).

  17. Can I take on box of Patersons Oat bites (4 x 25g bags) on hand luggage milti bag of mini cheddars.

  18. Hi I am flying on Tuesday and want to take my household steam iron straighteners hair dryer and all my toiletries is it best to put all these in case and my children have hand held consoles and iPads is this best to go in hand luggage we are flying with jet 2 thanks

    • Hi Karen

      I have to say I would not really recommend taking the steam iron and everything normally. You may find you can borrow an iron from your hotel/host. Still I would put them in your hold cases. The Ipads and consoles would be best in hand luggage so you have them handy and for the flight.

      Hope that helps!

  19. Hi Can I take a 75 ml bottle of perfume that has already been opened. thanks

  20. Hi Dave, can you take small hair spray aerosols less than 10 ml ….also will jet 2 be fussy as measuring my case in height it’s 56.5 m ..what do you think ? It’s still under 10 k

    • Under 100 ml aerosols are fine in the plastic bag for liquids. Over 56 cm means you could get charged a fine of probably about £40 – it`s a risk.

  21. Can you buy toiletries after checking in/security and take it on the plane even though this will mean another bag?

      • Hi Dave. Sorry to labor this point. I am using the 10kg hand luggage allowance. But If I was to purchase for example , 2 litres of spirits, 4 x 200 ml botts of suntan lotion, sandwiches and water from the airside shops then lump it all in a duty free bag, Jet2 cabin staff would have no problem ?

        • No worries Greg. Should be absolutely fine is purchased once past airport security. The only real problem I could see is if you started drinking the spirits mid flight they might get annoyed!

  22. Hi, can a laptop screen (just a screen – it’s new, to replace a broken one) be taken in the cabin bag please?

  23. is the clear bag with toiletries included in the 10kg hand luggage allowance?

    • Yes the clear liquids bag should be within your one cabin bag but all liquids should be very easily accessible.

      Hope that helps.

  24. Can you take more than 10 items in a bag as long as they don’t exceed 1 litre in total? Cheers

    • It`s something I`ve never really seen enforced Lisa and I don`t think it will really matter. If you`re travelling with someone else try to split it, pack a few less or just be aware you may need to throw something away. Certainly don`t be afraid to try though.

      Have a great flight and if you have any problems let me know!

  25. Hello, would I be allowed to take pre packed frozen pork chops and bacon in my hand luggage on a jet 2 flight from Blackpool please. Thank you

  26. I have asked if I could take pre pack bacon and pork chops in my hand luggage, I am going to turkey does this change anything. Thank you

    • Hi Sandra – I`m not 100 sure even if I know exactly what they are and it will depend on the gas. Electric ones are fine but I`m pretty sure that you can`t take gas curling tongs in hand luggage. Tough question. You may have to ask Jet2 direct if you`re still keen. Best of luck.

  27. Can I take a camera over my shoulder as well as my 10 kg hand luggage or does the camera have to go inside the bag?

  28. hi, have reviewed your comments and enjoyed reading the questions , would like to know if a safety razor with a spare blade is allowed,

    • Hi Tony, sorry for the delay.

      A safety razor is definitely allowed and a spare blade should be fine as well but at worst would be confiscated if it is in your hand luggage. The razor is 100% fine.

  29. Can you take coffee and porridge in hand luggage to Spain. Is the 58x45x25 height width and depth?

    • Yes, mobile phones are still allowed in hand luggage. However, recently there was a bit of a worry about being able to charge them so make sure it has some power.

    • Yes, you definitely can take your Nexus tablet in hold luggage – although I would probably take it in hand luggage. That would mean you have it with you and if your bag went missing/to the wrong destination you won’t lose it – but yeah you can take it.

  30. Hi can i put an electric steriliser in my suitcase as well and a travel kettle thanks

    • Hi almost certainly it is referring to you having no hold luggage Sharon so you will still have the hand luggage.

  31. can I take a small alarm clock in my hand luggage with a battery in or does it have to go in hold luggage

  32. Still confused about overall liquids I can carry with my hand luggage? Also is makeup permitted in carry on bag thanks

    • Makeup is fine and each liquid (including liquid based make up) bottle has a 100ml limit in hand luggage and needs to be in a clear plastic bag.

    • Hi, yes that should be fine but if they are liquid based they need to be less than 100ml and in a plastic bag.

  33. Can I bring my 59 cm long bag with me as a cabin luggage? The extra 3 cm are the wheels.

  34. Hi,
    I am confused regarding standard AA/AAA batteries. I need to take a pack of spares with me. The advice is very confusing on the internet, dependent upon airline/airport. Should these be hand or hold luggage?

  35. My daughter wants to take her doll on the airline with her in the cabin..can she do this.irs a large-ish doll
    Thank u

  36. Can we take a parosol umbrella and put it through with the cases,as long as within the weight restrictions,we have booked 3 cases at 22kg ,so can we put the 3 cases and an umbrella through,as long ass all under 66kg total

    • If the umbrella is inside the cases AND the cases are within the weight limit that is fine. You cannot have the parasol umbrella loose though – you’ll have to contact Jet2 if you want to do so.

  37. I know that Ryanair allows you to carry a handbag now as well as hand luggage – can you do that with Jet2 or does a handbag need to fit into hand luggage ??

    • Yes you are right Anna but unfortunately Jet2 only allow the 1 bag so the handbag would have to fit into hand luggage.

      • What is the weight allowance for a carry on bag that goes under the seat infront of you

  38. Help I don’t know were I stand with jet 2 flying in 2weeks can I take an e cig and what size must it be I’m going to kavos in grease

  39. I’m flying to tenerife with a two year old on jet2 flight and I read I could carry on a pushchair without charge and a car seat as long as they both weigh under 10kg together but I was uncertain on if the car seat can be used on my child’s seat for the flight or if it is carried & stored in line with the push chair? I’m assuming the seat still needs to be with in the hand baggage allowed size. Also do I need to apply any name luggage tags to them

    • Sorry I don’t know about the car seats and pushchairs really. Think it can be used on the flight though.

  40. We are travelling in July for my daughters wedding and have boxed wedding dress. Can we take on board with us as hand luggage, or can we make special arrangements for carriage.

  41. If I take a list of prescription meds will this cover my tablets in my hand luggage or do I have to have each tablet in its packets

  42. Ive bought a 3ft lightweight giraffe doesnt fit into suitcase can i take on board its bubble wrapped