Can you take Ipads in hand luggage?

Ipads and Tablet Devices in Hand Luggage on Planes

Many people wonder if they can take their tablet computers like Apple Ipads and Nexuses in hand luggage onto a plane.  The answer is yes, you can take tablet computers in your hand baggage although you will have to show them to security.  You can also pack them in your checked baggage although I wouldn’t recommend it.

You can take Ipads and other tablet computers on flights in hand luggage.

You can take Ipads and other tablet computers on flights in hand luggage.

Airline Security with Tablet Devices

Normally you will have to take your tablet such as an Ipad out of your hand luggage and give it to security.  They sometimes take a quick look at it and I think sometimes they scan them.  However, these checks are very quick and are the exact same procedure used when you take a laptop in hand luggage. There was some confusion recently over some rules that suggested you needed to be able to turn these and mobiles on so it is worth checking you have some charge in these devices especially if you are flying to the USA. Basically security will have a quick look but it will be fine.

Why You Should Take Ipads in Hand Luggage Rather Than Checked Baggage

I’d always recommend packing your expensive electrical devices in hand luggage.

Firstly, having the devices with you means you will not lose them if your bag is misplaced by the airline or damaged by baggage handlers throwing your bag around.  This is not just about the cost of these items but about privacy and also potentially losing important photos and documents on these devices which may not be backed up.  It also would just be very frustrating and annoying to lose an Ipad or Nexus 7 tablet.

Secondly, you can use Ipads and other tablets in flight and while waiting. They are great devices and you can watch films, read books, play games, listen to music, read the news and sometimes even browse the internet on the inflight wifi.  They are also great if your flight has an unexpected delay and can help kill the boredom of waiting for hours.

If you want to watch films or just want to set up your Ipad Air or Ipad Air 2 then the case below which also acts as a stand is available on Amazon and provides great value.

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This article should have helped answer your concerns about taking Ipads or similar tablets as part of your carry on luggage.  If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to leave a comment below.

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