Hand Luggage Packing List – An Example Hand Luggage Checklist

Handy Hand Luggage Checklist

The easiest, quickest and cheapest way to travel cabin baggage only (saving money, time and being more secure) is by using a hand luggage packing list which really helps you reduce the amount you pack by avoiding taking unnecessary items reducing the weight and volume you pack drastically and making travel hand luggage only much easier.  This example hand luggage checklist is only a guide of what I tend to take and should be used by you to make your own personal list because you are going to want to pack different things and have different priorities to me, changing what you pack. However, I thought you may find it useful to see an example hand luggage checklist to help you consider what should go on your packing list and what should not! I also divided the list into smaller sections like clothes and health which I thought would make it easier to navigate and more user friendly.

Also, it is important to note this list is like the maximum and not your persona; hand luggage checklist – you should not be taking everything on it and tailor your own list. (Also, as a man this list is more geared towards men due to personal experience but most is very much applicable to women and still will be useful in making sure you don`t leave something vital like your passport or reservation details at home!) I do NOT recommend you take all of this on every trip or you really are not packing light – your list should be the maximum you can take.  Don`t pack more and more or you won`t travel hand luggage only!

Clothes Checklist

Depends mainly on if you can do laundry and the weather

3+ pairs of underwear

2 pairs of trousers


3+ pairs of socks

2 Polo Shirts

T-Shirt 1-2



Flip flops/sandals


Hat – sunhat, beanie

Shoes – you want a smartish multipurpose pair



Travel Documents Checklist

The most important thing to pack and keep at hand as you need them to travel and for health insurance.

Passport, Visas, ID Card (Students may get discounts with ID)

EHIC card for healthcare in Europe (check if you can get this before you go)

Vaccination details

Flight tickets, boarding passes, travel tickets e.t.c

Driver’s license, health cover/travel insurance details, car rental details (if booked in advance)

Spare copies of all important documents

Cash, credit/debit cards, (travellers cheques are not that good anymore)

Toiletries List

A little harder due to the annoying liquid restrictions, I recommend buying most once you arrive as it is easy to get and relatively inexpensive. Made sure all liquids comply with 100ml rules.

Toiletries bag and sealable plastic bag

Toothbrush, small toothpaste, floss


Travel towel?




Contact lenses/solution


Wet wipes -they are really handy for many things


Shaving equipment

Nail clippers

First aid equipment


Toilet paper – can come in handy!


Various tablets e.g. malaria tablets

Specific medical equipment/drugs

Other stuff, first aid kit, bandages, plasters

Gadgets Checklist – What Electricals to Bring as Hand Luggage?


Camera – SD cards, case, battery/charger

Tablet – charger (I recommend the Nexus 7)

Kindle – can have thousands of books in your pocket, read in the dark, long battery, weighs less than one paperback!)
Fantastic device which really helps save space, weight and lets you read more. Check out my Kindle review.

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Laptop – memory stick/harddrive


Alarm clock?


Your cabin bag

Locks for your luggage

Luggage Scales on Amazon so you make sure you don`t break weight limits.  This could save you a lot of money on excess baggage!


Sleeping bag, liner.

Travel pillow

Eye mask/headphones/ear plugs


Watch to wear


Flashlight or torch



Paper and pen – very useful

Maps and guidebooks

Tickets for anything else

Small amounts of food for the flight?


That is virtually everything that I would recommend taking in hand luggage and don`t forget that you should be wearing a lot of this when you travel out and try to minimise what you take with you for a better trip.

REMEMBER – don`t overpack and certainly don`t break the airline`s cabin baggage allowances.

Other recommended packing lists – This list is actually really useful.

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