Hand Luggage Liquids Rules

Hand luggage liquid rules have tightened up massively in recent years for security purposes (particularly after the increased threat of terrorism.)  Most countries have broadly the same rules on liquids as the EU rules and regulations which have become the de facto liquids regulations across the world but some countries have minor variations.

EU Hand Luggage Rules and Regulations (UK Hand Luggage Regulations)

The EU hand luggage rules have become the main liquid rules for cabin baggage across the world, while many countries only slightly differ (these apply to the UK as well as if you are flying within any EU country along with other countries like Russia, India, Turkey, Switzerland, Iceland, Pakistan, Norway)

  • Containers must hold no more than 100ml – 100ml bottles are the maximum size allowed inside cabin baggage
  • The containers must be carried in a single, transparent, resealable bag plastic bag – zip top plastic bags are best in my opinion
  • The bag must be not exceed 20cm x 20cm and not hold more than 1 litre of liquids
  • Contents must fit `comfortably` within the plastic bag
  • 1 plastic bag per person
  • You must show the bag to airport security who will screen it

Important note – a container greater than 100ml is not allowed to be taken through security and will have to be thrown away – even if it nearly empty/partially full.  The official UK rules can be found here

Exceptions to Liquid Rules

Baby food and milk is allowed to be over 100ml normally but an adult may be asked to taste it.

Essential medicines and medical equipment – can be over 100ml, take a doctor`s note or prescription. It is also worth contacting the airline as you need to for some specific items.

What is a Liquid?

For the purposes of hand luggage rules the following items are liquids and must therefore fit in with the regulations above.

  • All drinks
  • Sprays like deodrants, hair spray and shaving foam
  • Cosmetics and toiletries like perfumes, oils and lotions like suncream, lipsticks, mascara e.t.c
  • Pastes e.g. toothpaste
  • Contact lens solution
  • Gels – shower gels for example
  • Other solutions/items with a similar consistency

How to Beat Cabin Baggage Liquid Rules

However, if you want to take liquids on your holiday in your hand luggage you really can quite easily still.  My main advice is to be prepared in advance and plan what you are going to take, don`t take stuff just for the sake of it.

Still, I found a great travel bottle set which allows you to decant your liquids from larger bottles and take them with you, allowing you to take your favourite perfumes and shampoos on your flight inside your hand luggage and comes with a clear plastic pouch.  This item is rated 4 stars on Amazon and is really useful as it saves you having to waste your perfectly good liquids because they exceed the 100ml requirement.

Beat Hand Luggage Liquids Restrictions with A Travel Bottle Set

A travel bottle set which will allow you to decant your favourite perfumes, shampoo and liquids and take them abroad in a clear plastic resealable bag.

 Click the image to buy this travel set which has the right size containers and a plastic resealable bag to allow you to travel with and decant your favourite liquids – you need to take liquids in a bottle 100ml or less!

If this set helps you travel with just cabin baggage once or throwing away a great shampoo it will be well worth its small price!

However, you can purchase nearly all toiletries affordably across the world (except for suncream which seems to cost loads on holiday!) and it is not worth letting the liquid rules put you offer flying with just cabin baggage.

While the airports normally have the resealable plastic for free or to purchase for a small fee it is better to have your own to save time and hassle at the airport.

Liquid Rules – One of The Main Disadvantage of Flying Hand Luggage Only

Flying hand luggage only has many advantages but hand luggage liquids restrictions must be right up there with the disadvantages of this approach as it limits what you can take on holiday (although this is no big issue.)

Using a specific cabin baggage liquid travel set should help you beat these annoying hand luggage liquids rules and allow you to travel hand luggage only.

Thanks for reading.