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That is why I always try to provide a good user experience so there are only one or two high quality adverts on a page. I also try to be as transparent as possible.

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`Support CabinBaggageSize` Links 🙂


Amazon UK Support Link –  Amazon sell everything from radios to cabin bags to video games and Blu-rays.  Come out from that rock if you have never heard of them!

Amazon USA – If you`re from the US of A then you can still help out!

Travel Booking Sites

Expedia UK  – My favourite site for booking hotels and accomodation as it is so easy to use and you can also use it to book flights, car hire and package trips.  Take a look if you are planning your next trip away.

Intrepid Travel – They offer amazing off the beaten path small group tours saving you hassle and allowing you to have an amazing adventure and meet other travellers. Have the trip of a lifetime in Vietnam, Jordan or Mexico – nearly anywhere you can think of is covered. – They offer some great last minute deals on hotels including secret hotels and they also offer a wide range of experiences too.

British Airways – Still a great airline offering better service, discounts on some flights for hand luggage only fares, air miles and a good range of short and long haul routes. They also run some great deals so do check before you book with a budget carrier and remember you get a large luggage allowance too.

Etihad Airways – Etihad are a top quality airline with a wide range of routes and they are the national airline of the UAE.

Monarch Flights – a decent budget carrier who fly from 6 UK airports to over 38 destinations.


3) Tell me if you spot a mistake/can see a potential improvement – if I have made a mistake or an airline has changed their hand luggage allowance then please let me know so I can update the page.

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