Can you take food on a plane?

Many people seem to think that you can`t take food in your hand luggage.  The simple answer to the title question is yes, you can normally take food in your hand luggage. If you just want a cheap snack for your flight it is almost certainly OK but some destinations like Australia have strict rules on taking food into the country. If you are flying from one EU country to another you can take any food including meat and dairy products unless it is liquid based and over 100ml like a sauce.

  1. What food it is.
  2. Where you are flying to and from.

Basically, a ham sandwich with some crisps, biscuits and an apple are allowed within the EU but the ham may be a problem elsewhere.

Check your cabin baggage allowance with our handy chart with links to the official rules, recommended bags and tips to make the most of your allowance and don’t get caught out.

Travelling from outside the EU into an EU state – check the specific rules but in most cases you can not bring any meat or dairy products in your hand baggage from OUTSIDE the EU or in any checked baggage cases either due to the spread of diseases like Foot and Mouth outbreaks.

I normally take tea bags wherever I fly as British tea bags tend to be much better and a lot cheaper than in foreign shops and supermarkets so it is well worth taking a bumper pack for your trip!

Taking food within the EU on my flight  – what is allowed?

Almost anything including meat products like ham or bacon, dairy like cheese, cereals, fish, eggs, biscuits, fruit, vegetables.  There are a few protected items like caviar though which have further restrictions but these are very small exceptions.

However, liquid based foods will have to pass within the liquid restrictions (normally 100ml or less.)

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