EU Duty Free Limits – How Much Duty Free Are You Allowed

Within the EU there are relatively relaxed duty free rules which should allow most people to benefit when purchasing goods for personal use as you would expect given that free movement of goods is a foundation of the EU. So you can go to France and benefit from the lower alcohol and tobacco prices if you are sensible. There is actually no official limit but it is only meant to be for personal consumption.Stock up on your booze duty free

However, going beyond these limits will cause more suspicion and is likely to lead to you having to pay taxes like excise duty. Please note this article is only a guide and that it only applies to intra-EU travel.

How Much Duty Free Are You Allowed Within the EU?

The government say: ‘You are more likely to be asked questions if you bring more than the following’ AKA Best not to unless you want to take a risk and explain what you bought, why and how to customs.

So let’s just call these the limits but understand they are kind of soft guidelines.

Tobacco Duty Free Limits

Type of Goods                                          Amount

Cigarettes                                                      800

Cigars                                                             200

Cigarillos                                                       400

Tobacco                                                         1 kg


Alcohol Duty Free EU Limits

Beer                                                             110 litres

Wine                                                            90 litres

Spirits                                                          10 litres

Sherry, port (intermediate)                    20 litres


Remember customs can stop anyone and ask to search them.  If you take less than these amounts you can walk through duty free perfectly legitimately.

At the same time these are effectively just guidelines – although I would follow them if you don’t want any hassle – however it is not illegal to take more than these limits – you will just probably be questioned about why you purchased so many, who they are for, how much you smoke or drink etc.

Anyway have a great trip and I hope you found this advice useful.  Before you fly check your airline luggage limits to avoid any nasty fines which can spoil any trip and remember to pack light!

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