Etihad Airways Cabin Baggage Size and Weight

Etihad Airways Cabin Baggage Allowance

Etihad Airways have a generous overall baggage policy with a standard hold luggage allowance of 30kg (rising with your Etihad guest status and class of flight) and are also renowned for good service.

Yet they have stricter cabin baggage rules you need to check before you fly. The Etihad cabin bag allowance you receive does depend on the class you are travelling in and the Etihad Guest status you have also to a lesser extent so I am going to start with the lowest class.  Read this whole page to see exactly what you are allowed and the official Etihad Airways baggage pages for exceptions.

You may also like How to Travel Light, but here are the Etihad allowances.

Etihad Coral Economy Class Hand Luggage Rules

Coral Economy is basically the `normal`, cheapest tickets.

You can take 1 cabin bag on board with you with Etihad Coral Economy.

Dimensions:  Must not exceed total dimensions of 111cm = 50 x 40 x 21 cm for example.

Etihad Weight Limit:  7kg

Standard Hold Luggage of 30kg rising in line with Etihad Guest Loyalty Status – can be more than one subject to a size restriction that is not really a restriction!

See http://www.etihad.com/en-gb/before-you-fly/baggage-information/baggage-allowances/ if you are an existing Etihad Guest member for more detailed info.

Etihad Infants Baggage (all classes)

Hold luggage of up to 10kg

Hand Luggage of:

One (1) extra handbag (weight must not exceed 5kg)
One (1) fully collapsible stroller / carry-cot, as a carry-on item if cabin space is available or else as checked baggage in the hold.


Etihad Pearl Business Class Carry on Baggage Rules

If you upgrade to Pearl Business Class the carry on allowance increases and you are now allowed 2 bags with a greater weight:

Dimensions: Each bag must not exceed total dimensions of 111cm = 50 x 40 x 21 cm for example.

Combined Weight Limit of 12kg across the 2 bags.

Standard Hold Luggage of 40kg rising in line with Etihad reward status (32kg a bag max for health and safety)

Etihad Diamond First Class Cabin Baggage Rules

If you`re lucky enough to be flying Diamond First Class you`re probably too important to be reading this and would not have scrolled all the way down here (just a joke!)  but here`s the information for you.

The same as Pearl Business Class I`m afraid! Still 2 bags and a 12kg weight limit Although the hold luggage starts from 50kg combined, with 32kg max per bag rising in line with your Emirates reward card status.

Enjoy your flight with a very high standard of service and even your own chef on board, I`m more than a little jealous!

Duty Free

A reasonable amount is normally allowed at most airports.


Official Etihad Airways Baggage Rules

Etihad Airways Hand Baggage Rules – check to make sure you follow the Etihad baggage rules and see what your allowance is but this site is pretty accurate with nearly all the airline cabin baggage allowances.

Also, US/Canada/Brazil flights have slightly different baggage rules so check the Etihad site link above.

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