EasyJet Hand Luggage Allowance

EasyJet Hand Luggage Rules

easyJet`s hand luggage policy has recently changed and many find it confusing as there are now almost two different maximum cabin baggage sizes for easyJet flights.  This page should help clarify it for you and give you additional information on how  to make the most out of the free hand luggage limits.


Get ready for your easyJet flight and avoid any costly luggage mistakes.

Get ready for your easyJet flight and avoid any costly luggage mistakes.

Simple Overview of the easyJet Cabin Bag Rules

There are essentially two different hand luggage allowances for easyJet flights now. The old LARGER 56 x 45 x 25 cm size limit for a cabin bag is still the maximum cabin bag allowance and is still free.  However, there is a small chance that easyJet may put your bag in the hold (for FREE).

Any cabin bag OVER 56cm x 45cm x 25 cm EXCEEDS the maximum dimensions and if caught you WILL BE FINED about £40/50 euros.  There is no weight limit for cabin bags and you are only allowed one (no additional handbags/laptop bags).

Yet, if you have an upgraded ticket (easyJet Plus), FLEX, or take a cabin bag with maximum dimensions 50x40x20 cm then your bag definitely won`t be placed in the hold.

That`s basically it – hope it makes sense.  Keep reading for more recommendations, travel tips, further explanation and cabin bags.

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Can I travel with just hand luggage on easyJet?

Absolutely. It is perfectly possible to travel with just cabin bags with some smart packing on easyJet who allow hand luggage with maximum dimensions of 56cm x 45cm x 25 cm or even within the guaranteed 50 x 40 x 20 cm limit.

The new easyJet guarantee is just a guarantee but you can still take a cabin bag up to 56cm x 45 x 25cm (it may have to go in the hold though)

The new easyJet guarantee simply means your cabin bag definitely won`t be placed in the hold while the larger 56 x 45 x 25 cm allowance still remains.

This is all explained and expanded upon with photographs, details of extra items allowed as hand luggage, the excess baggage fines and a summary as well as a recommended bag for flying hand luggage only with easyJet.

easyJet Hand Luggage Allowance Guide for 2014

easyJet`s hand luggage allowance is actually quite generous and allows passengers to take:

  • 1 piece of cabin baggage i.e. 1 cabin bag if it fits into their maximum size restriction of 56cm x 45cm x 25cm including wheels and handles.
  • However, this may be placed in hold on busy flights (for free) unless you take a smaller bag which is `guaranteed` to be allowed in the cabin with dimensions of 50 x 40 x 20 cm or if you have certain upgraded tickets like FLEXI tickets.
  • There is no weight limit on easyJet flights for hand luggage.

You may be asked to prove your cabin baggage fits into this size requirement by putting your bag/case in the baggage gauge so make sure your bag actually fits within these dimensions relatively easily and that your bag has not expanded beyond the limits!

Items allowed in the cabin as well as your ONE cabin bag on easyJet:
  • One standard bag of duty free items from the departure airport
  • Umbrella
  • Overcoat
  • Shawl
  • Crutches/walking stick

Fines for Breaking easyJet Hand Luggage Size Restrictions

Breaking the large hand luggage size dimensions of 56 x 45 x 25 cm will require you to pay a £40 fine per bag at the boarding gate if you are caught.

I personally fell afoul of this fine on the way back from Vienna and had to pay a 50 euros fine because my bag had expanded and became a little too wide. This could have been easily avoided if the man had let us open up the case and throw away 1 pair of flip flops! So, be careful and check soft cabin bags have not expanded.

There is nothing worse than being told you need to pay an extra £40 or £50 because your cabin baggage is 2cm too wide

If you don`t have any suitable cabin baggage then it will be well worth investing in some to help you avoid paying for excess baggage and even for checked bags which are quite expensive too.

That`s not cheap and it certainly is just a little teeny bit frustrating…

Best easyJet Cabin Bags

A detailed comparison of the best cabin baggage for easyJet flights within the easyJet hand luggage allowance and rated on quality, price, size and features.    This may save you a £40 fine!

easyJet Infants cabin baggage allowance

None – no extra cabin bag allowance for infants travelling on an adult`s lap on easyJet. So, you will need to fit more into your hand luggage if you want to travel with just carry on luggage as I would recommend.

Is there  an EasyJet hand luggage weight limit?

No, there is no weight limit for cabin baggage as long as you can put your hand luggage in the overhead locker yourself.

Is the easyJet Hand Luggage Policy Generous?

It is surprisingly generous for a budget airline and you should make the most of this by taking more cabin baggage rather than just as small bag as you have to pay for hold luggage on easyJet.  In comparison Ryanair has a 10kg weight limit and other airlines have even lower weight limits.

Most importantly, plan before you arrive at the airport and you can easily make the most of EasyJet`s cabin baggage allowance saving you money, time and hassle at the airport.

Overall, except for the annoying cabin baggage guarantee rule (explained in more detail below) the easyJet hand luggage allowance is actually fairly generous offering a large cabin baggage size, no weight limit and basic additional items making them a more attractive airline to fly with if you care about hand luggage only travel (which you should!)

easyJet cabin bag guarantee

EasyJet cabin baggage guarante

Still – on busy flights you may wish to consider taking a slightly smaller cabin bag to make sure you can take it on board. However, even if you have a bigger cabin bag it is likely you will be allowed to take it with you anyway and most importantly you will not be charged if it fits the 56 x 45 x 25 cm hand luggage allowance on easyJet`s website.

This may be important to you as taking hand luggage offers numerous benefits over hold luggage.

Summary of the easyJet Cabin Luggage Size

Maximum size of 56x45x25 cm.  If you want to guarantee your carry on case is not put in the hold then take a  luggage size of 50cm by 40cm by 20cm or become an easyJet Plus member or have an upgraded ticket like FLEXI or extra legroom.

There is no weight limit for hand luggage.

See http://www.easyjet.com/planning/cabin-baggage for full details.

Note: our guides are normally very accurate but are for easy reference and comparison purposes.  Please check before you fly the official allowances as airlines may decide to change and bring in slightly different rules but our guides are a very good indication and allow you to see which airlines offer more generous cabin bag allowances.

Happy Flying!

If you have found this article useful and it has helped you avoid a fine then please tweet and like it and come back again!  Feel free to leave a comment or ask any questions also.

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