Delta Airlines Carry on Baggage Allowance Size

Delta Airlines Carry on Size

Delta are one of the giants in the airline industry and offer a free carry on bag and one personal item for their flights. Before you fly check the carry on size for Delta Airlines so you can board with no stress or baggage fees as you discover your baggage is simply too big and breaks all the rules!

You are allowed a maximum baggage size of on Delta flights:

56 cm x 35 cm x 23 cm approximately 22″ x 14″ x 9″.

A combined total of 114 cm (45″) including wheels and handles.  This is the total width, length and height of the bag.

Breaking these rules could prove costly and will add a lot of stress to your trip so prepare before  you fly.

Delta One Personal Item Carry on Allowance

Delta also allows you to take on a small personal item in addition to your carry on bag. This can be:

  • 1 laptop
  • Purse/Briefcase/camera bag
  • Similar size items to above

In short small cases/bags but don`t abuse this rule or you may well be challenged at the gate – be sensible!

You can also take some other items as well as the carry on bag and personal item like:

  • Jackets/Umbrellas
  • Duty free
  • Special items like baby strollers, wheel chairs, crutches and child seats.

Delta Carry on Bag

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Delta Carry on Weight Limit

At the time of writing there is no weight limit for carry on luggage on Delta but one suspects you have to be able to carry your own bag on board and fit it within the overhead lockers comfortable.  Many airlines have a max of 23kg  (more for the weight in the overhead lockers e.t.c.) so just be sensible.

No Delta Airlines weight allowance for carry on luggage.

Is this a Large/Generous Carry on Policy by Delta?

Yes. This compares quite favorably with many of Delta`s competitors.  (Note I`m from the UK so I had to spell favourably wrong just for you guys!)

You can check out our airline luggage comparison table to see how Delta`s policy compares with their rivals for hand luggage.

Delta Airlines Official Site

Our site is very accurate but is only intended to be used as a guide so please check the official page before you fly for the latest rules.  We collate information and provide useful guides about how to pack, for example but can`t be responsible if airlines suddenly change their guidelines!

If you found this page on the Delta carry on allowance useful you may want to read more of our website, check out our getting started page and share our site with your friends and family (it means a lot to me 😉  If you spot a mistake or have a recommendation then please feel free to contact me (link in the footer.)

Happy flying!


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