Finding the cabin baggage allowance for your flight will help you travel smarter and avoid fees. Yet, the airlines all have different hand luggage sizes, dimensions and weight limits making it difficult.  So, I`ve done all the work for you and compiled a sortable list of the major airline hand luggage allowances in this table below.

Airline Hand Luggage Allowance Comparison Table (Scrollable)

AirlineHeight/cmWidth/cmDepth/cmWeight limit/kgDetails
Aer Lingus55402410Aer Lingus regional flights have a max cabin baggage size of 48 x 33 x 20cm and a 7kg weight limit
Aeroflot55402015Additionally, you can bring on board:
a women’s or men’s handbag (not sure what size e.t.c?)
Air Asia5636237Also allowed laptop
British Airways56452523Very large allowance
Delta Airlines563523NoneVery good
EasyJet564525NoneEasyJet has announced a new cabin baggage guarantee which allows you to take a cabin bag of 50cm by 40cm by 20cm, a guarantee it will not be put in the hold.
Emirates5538207Wheelie bags cannot have total dimensions of greater than 114cm.
Etihad Airways5040217A total of 111cm = 50 x 40 x 21 for example.
Depends on class + free hold luggage
Flybe55402310You can pay extra for a plus ticket to take a laptop on as well.
Jet256452510Pretty decent but watch out for the weight limit.
Lufthansa5540238An additional small bag is also allowed up to 30x40x10cm
Monarch5640255Can take 2 separate bags with same limits combined (size and weight of 5kg)
Norwegian55402310Also allowed small personal item - laptop case.
Ryanair55402010PLUS a small bag like a hand bag of a maximum size of 35 x 20 x 20 cm!
Thomas Cook5540205Very low!
Thomson5540205Some package flights may have 7kg check your tickets.
Turkish Airlines5540238Free hold luggage
Virgin Atlantic56362310Some additional items allowed check linked page and official Virgin Atlantic site for further details.
Wizz Air423225NoneFor a fee you can get a larger cabin bag of 56cm x45 x 25cm - bad I know!

A cabin baggage allowance comparison to see who offers the most generous hand luggage policies and who is stingy! You may even use the airline comparison table for hand luggage limits to influence the decision of who to fly with!

Some of these airlines like Emirates and others have generous hold luggage (checked bags) allowances which partially makes up for their rather small cabin baggage sizes and annoying hand luggage restrictions.  Although find out why I still prefer to travel hand luggage only!

Please check with the airlines official site before flying as we are human and make mistakes! The airlines also often change their policies or have other little rules for certain flight routes.  We are a small independent site who are trying to inform you and give you a rough guide of the different airline baggage allowances  – if you know of any new cabin bag rules please contact us.

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