Can You Take E-cigarettes on a Plane in Hand Luggage?

Are e-cigs allowed on flights?

E cigarettes seem to be the new thing and naturally people want to know if you can travel with e-cigs in your hand luggage or just on a plane in general.  On the whole it seems airlines and security are fine about taking e-cigarettes on to the plane if you put the batteries in hand luggage because they may be confiscated otherwise and there are rules about the batteries in hold luggage.  So you most likely can take e-cigs on your flight in your hand luggage and all will be fine.

Unfortunately, I don`t really understand that much about how they actually work as I don`t use e-cigs but there does seem to be some limits of putting their batteries in hold luggage so take the batteries in your hand luggage.  You will also have to follow the standard liquid rules and regulations for the liquid part which are explained if you follow the link.

E-cigs are allowed on most flights but you`re not meant to vape in mid air.

E-cigs are allowed on most flights but you`re not meant to vape in mid air. Smoky…

So, basically yes you can take e-cigarettes in your hand luggage.  It might be worth checking if e-cigs are legal at your destination though as there are a myriad of rules about them as they are relatively new.  E-cigs might not be legal abroad but the Wikipedia page above is useful.

This article by an e-cig manufacturer is very interesting and useful and has details about what is allowed on the plane and people`s comments about their own experiences.

Can I use my e-cigs on a plane?

No, they now explicitly state it is banned on most flights I have been on recently. They also claim to be able to detect e cigarettes in the plane toilets but I have no idea if that is true. Some people reckon it is fine if you go in the toilet as it doesn’t set any alarms off but I don`t know and certainly would not recommend it. You can get in serious trouble/and/or fined if caught so I would say definitely don’t.

Try at your own risk!

Can I vape/smoke e cigs at the airport?

This really seems to depend on the airport, basically no although there maybe a designated area for vaping – though this was more common a couple of years back. However, you may want to check the specific airport and in foreign countries the rules will probably be different so yeah.

What are the International Rules on E-Cigs?

I found an interesting site on the rules on e-cigs for different countries which is well worth visiting.



Am I allowed to:

Take food on the plane?

Wear high heels on the plane?

Before you fly also check out your hand luggage allowance – it may save you a hefty fine or help you decide you can travel with just hand luggage after all and save some more money.   Check out our guide to packing light too.


Thanks and have a good flight!  Please share your experiences with taking e-cigarettes on to the plane and if they are allowed. Or if you have had a cheeky vape let us know in the comments below!

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