Can I take an umbrella on a plane?

Are umbrellas allowed as hand luggage?

Umbrellas seem to be one of those items that people feel slightly unsure and uneasy about taking on a plane. We tell you the luggage rules about umbrellas so you know what to expect.

So can you take an umbrella on a plane? The simple answer is:

Take your smart travel umbrella in your hand luggage

Take your smart travel umbrella in your hand luggage

Yes, you can take umbrellas on a plane (as long as it fits your luggage allowance). You can pack an umbrella into your hand luggage (carry on) or your hold luggage (checked bags).  Just be aware that umbrellas can be rather bulky and may take up quite a lot of room so it would be smart to get a travel sized one. For reassurance you can check the Heathrow Security page.

Most airlines will not let you take the umbrella separate to the bag (stupid I know but just stuff it in the bag before boarding and take it out again moments later).

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Taking an umbrella will not cause any security problems but may arouse a little more interest as they do look quite unusual and of course they may be checked to make sure they are not concealing anything.  As with anything if you took a really big umbrella with a sharp end and one particular security guard was feeling stroppy it could potentially be possible for them to stop you taking it on board. However, I have never heard of any case where this has occurred and seeing as they are allowed as hand and hold luggage you should encounter absolutely no problems except for the amount of room an umbrella can take up in your bags.

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Before you fly also check out your hand luggage allowance – it may save you a hefty fine or help you decide you can travel with just hand luggage after all and save some more money.   Check out our guide to packing light too which will help you fit bulky items like umbrellas into your bag if you pack carefully.

Have a great flight! If you have comments about umbrellas on planes or if for some miraculous reason you were not allowed to take your umbrella onto your flight then please leave a comment below.

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