The primary aim of CabinBaggageSize is to help you pack light – avoiding excess baggage and hold luggage charges.  Packing light improves your travels immeasurably in so many different ways from less stress and hassle to greater mobility.  I want to help you travel lighter and experience the benefits for yourself. In essence I think it allows you to travel smarter.

We have detailed information and guides for the vast majority of airlines hand luggage/carry on allowances as well as a comparison table for ease of reference. This is to help you avoid frustrating excess baggage fees and stay within the limits.  They tell you what you can take, the weight limit, give recommended bags, remind you of the liquid rules and link to the official policy page to really act as a useful one stop resource for luggage help.

For advice on how to pack lighter and travel with just one bag – Check out our guide to packing and travelling light.  It will get you packing light in 4 easy steps before you can finish saying “I want to travel smarter!”

Just relax and learn how to travel smarter

Just relax and learn how to travel smarter

Why Travel Light? 

  • Save money on flights, taxis and most forms of transport by reducing baggage fees and supplements. Hold luggage fees can be over £30 each way per bag.
  • Reduce the stress and hassle of airport check ins, finding your bag on the carousel and the chances of theft.
  • Travel with greater freedom and mobility. 
  • Save time at airports and travel faster as you don`t have to collect your bags.
  • Be more environmentally friendly.
  • Keep your personal possessions safer and more secure while travelling – don`t part from your belongings!

Beat Extortionate Airline Luggage Fees

The solution: check the cabin baggage rules and regulations before you fly so you can beat the airlines at their own game and take one bag with you for a better travel experience.

Ultimate Hand Luggage Allowance Airline Comparison Guide

Check out our amazing, all singing and all dancing airline hand luggage allowance comparison table to see which airlines are stingy with their hand luggage size (and Ryanair is not the worst…).   Neatly find your cabin baggage allowance for your flight.

How to Travel Hand Luggage Only

There is a way to travel hand luggage only, pack more effectively and use that one bag in a way that will mean you won`t miss out!

If you follow our tips and learn how to use your hand luggage more effectively you will improve your trip.

Your Turn to Try Out this Simple Travel Tip

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