British Airways Hand Luggage Allowance

British Airways Hand Luggage Allowance Policy

British Airways have a very generous cabin baggage (hand luggage) policy.  In fact it is probably the best available across all major airlines and I give them a big thumbs up as a result.  The British Airways hand luggage allowance allows you to take up to:

British Airways Hand Luggage Allowance

BA has the maximum hand luggage allowance with 56cm by 45cm by 25cm  Source BA

  • One piece of hand luggage e.g. one bag plus a laptop or handbag or briefcase.
  • The main piece of hand luggage must be within the dimensions of 56cm x 45cm x 25cm including wheels and handles.
  • You will also have to follow the standard liquid rules for hand luggage for BA flights.
Your secondary bag must be within the dimensions of 45cm x 36cm x 20cm including the handle wheels and pockets.
In addition to the already generous first cabin bag limit you really should have no trouble travelling hand luggage only with BA or you are never going to manage to travel light.
On some flights you will also get a discount for travelling hand luggage only.  If you want advice on packing and how to travel light then check out this page, you`ll be surprised by some of the tips and tricks – How to Travel Light.

BA Hand Luggage Weight Limit

A maximum weight of 23 kilograms applies and you must be able to lift your cabin baggage unaided into the overhead lockers.  This is so large a weight limit though that it basically does not matter.

To take full advantage of the British Airways hand luggage allowance you need to plan in advance how you are going to pack and it is worth investing in a good, decent quality hand luggage suitcase or bag to maximise the British Airways generous hand luggage policy.  In addition to this BA also offers free checked baggage meaning you can really take the kitchen sink with you if you fly with them!

BA offers great service, large luggage allowances and air miles and a more enjoyable flying experience.


Official BA Hand Luggage Rules – see all the details on hand and hold luggage, excess baggage and the baggage limits for different classes and double check for yourself.

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