The 10 Best Selling Hand Luggage Bags and Suitcases

We look at the best selling hand luggage bags and cases on Amazon which can very quickly help you establish what piece of hand luggage is best for you.  It’s useful to see what carry on bags and cases are popular, compare prices, styles, features, reviews and more which will allow you to see what hand luggage will be most suitable for your needs.

It is worth mentioning that this list is not the best based on my opinion (the rankings are based on the best sellers on Amazon) but this allows you to see what suits you although I will briefly give a little info and link to my review (if I have done one).  This actually allows you to decide what case you want whether you want the cheapest case, the most stylish cabin luggage or the most durable one. Anyway let’s look at the best sellers!

The Best Selling Hand Luggage

1)   The Cabin Max Backpack– The Best Seller

This is the number one best selling cabin bag on Amazon and in many ways it deserves to be.  It is simple, a great size, very lightweight (a big plus considering we love to travel light and it means it does not eat up your hand luggage allowance) and a good price. That largely explains its 4.5 star rating on Amazon.  It fits nearly all the airlines hand luggage allowances at 55 x 40 x 20 cm. Check your airline’s allowance here.

The bag is available in a wide range of colours and styles – so don’t be put off by the photo.  Last time I checked they had 21 different colours!  Just click to see if you like one.

I have reviewed this product before so if you are interested check my review out.

This probably is the bag for you if you just want something that does the job, is decent and looks fine.  It is of a decent quality but sometimes it can feel a little cheap and remember it is a backpack – not everyone may like that.

Check out the Amazon Reviews and Many Styles of this Bag – it’s a great lightweight bag at a fantastic price.

2)  5 Cities Holdall Bags

Not much to say except amazingly cheap and very lightweight.  Probably not the most durable bags and a little smaller at 54 x 30 x 20 cm but a great value option.  Lots of different styles for these holdalls.

I have not owned this bag so for more check out the Amazon reviews.

5 Cities® world’s lightest (only 0.5kg!) Cabin Size holdall -fits Ryan Air/Easy Jet 55 x 40 x x 20 -flight bag. Actual dimension 54x30x20, Massive 32l Capacity – The ultra light carry on cabin bag!

3) Trunki Ride on Suitcase

The beautifully designed Trunki is perfect for children and will help keep them amused. Rated 5 stars!

Cute hand luggage sized ride on suitcases for the kids. Very good quality too.

  Click the image to look at the Trunki on Amazon and see its reviews.

4) Another 5 Cities Holdall is the 4th Best Seller

5) Pink Trunki

The same as above but in a different style. Great product for children.

6) Set of 2 Lightweight Cabin Approved Bags by Karabar

Wheeled hand luggage suitcases for extra convenience although they weigh a little more.

7) Karabar Cabin Approved Lightweight Bag 55 x 40 x 20 cm

A rather stylish hand bag for hand luggage at a good price. Rated 4.5 stars on Amazon.

8) Karabar Lightweight Wheeled Case
Another Karabar bag – this one is a lightweight wheeled case which may suit people more particularly if you don’t want a carry on backpack and it will be easier to walk with as a result.

9) 5 Cities Cabin Sized Flight Bag

Actually looks great although a little small. Would fit nearly any airline for hand luggage. Looks smart, affordable and lightweight.  This cabin bag has great reviews on Amazon too – at the time of writing across 178 reviews it has been rated 4.5 stars and it is very cheap.

10) Members Essential Ryanair Complaint Second Hand Baggage 35 x 20 x 20 cm

It is important to note that this bag is probably only really going to be useful for Ryanair but as long as it fit that size it is the only bag I have seen that specifically tries to take advantage of the full Ryanair second hand baggage allowance which is interesting.

So if you regularly fly Ryanair it could be a great investment and allow you to travel hand luggage only and avoid hold luggage fees while still packing quite a lot.



That concludes our list of the best selling hand luggage on Amazon.  Hopefully you will have found one of the bags is for you although such a list does tend to lean towards cheaper bags which are fine for the occasional traveller but perhaps regular or business travellers would feel it worthwhile to invest in more stylish, luxury bags.

Also, remember to check your next flight’s hand luggage allowance so you can avoid a fine and aggravation.

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Remember travel smart and travel light!


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