Best Hand Luggage Case for easyJet

Recommended Cabin Bags for easyJet Flights

Looking for hand luggage for an easyJet flight? You`re in the right place.

There are a wide range of cabin bags and cases that are suitable for easyJet flights and travelling with no hold luggage is a liberating experience meaning less waiting, queuing and most importantly no baggage fees. Here, I present some of the very best options available for all budgets and types of travellers.  You may want to check the easyJet hand luggage allowance before you read this too to check your bags are suitable.

#1 Inexpensive, Lightweight and Practical Messenger Bag for easyJet Flights

The Cabin Max Frankfurt Messenger and Laptop Carry On bag is my general go to recommendation.  At 50 cm x 34 cm x 20 cm it fits the guaranteed easyJet cabin bag size.  This means the Cabin Max Frankfurt should never be put in the hold.

The bag has a dedicated laptop compartment  suitable for tablets, phones and other gear.  This is a versatile and lightweight bag (less than 1kg).  It is inexpensive and highly rated on Amazon.  The bag is a bright, light blue colour and the only real downside is that there are no other colours – although I quite like the look of it.  See my more detailed review of this bag.

Simply put this cabin bag is perfect for most people looking to fly light with easyJet.  It will save you money on baggage fees too.

Highly recommended for most flyers not looking to spend too much.

 #2 Decent Large Backpack in Many Styles, Rated 4.5 stars over 700 reviews.

The next option on my list is another Cabin Max bag. The `Cabin Max Backpack Flight Approved Carry On Bag Massive 44 litre Travel Hand Luggage 55x40x20 cm`  is a similarly good bag and fits easily within the maximum easyJet cabin bag size but not the `guaranteed` one.  This backpack is a more conventional backpack which is slightly larger but also inexpensive on Amazon.  It also comes in a wide range of colours including Camo, Black, Navy, Yellow, Grey/Purple and Grey/Green.

I quite like this bag because it offers a lot for little money.  However, it is not the most fashionable bag around and also not the sturdiest.  Now, it is of a decent quality and it will save you money on baggage fees within one return trip but it is nothing award winning.   In essence, it is pretty good value if you are looking for a lightweight backpack for your easyJet flight.

After all, 700 people can`t have rated it 4.5 stars for nothing.  I`m probably put a bit of a downer on what is a great bag for the money!

See my review of the Cabin Max.   Note that you can see the other designs when you click through to Amazon which are more attractive in my opinion than the standard black!


I`ll be adding more options and bags but the two above are perfectly suitable for most easyJet flights.  If you have any thoughts or recommendations then please leave a comment below!

Thanks and have a great flight!


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