American Airlines Carry on Bag Allowance

American Airlines Baggage Rules and Policy

The free cabin baggage allowance for American Airlines is relatively decent and on the vast majority of flights allows you to take one piece of hand luggage up to 115 cm in total (45″). This means bags are allowed to be a maximum of 56 x 36 x 23 cm (22″ x 14″ x 9 inches).

You also get a personal item on AA flights of up to 36 inches (91cm) in total-meaning across all dimensions.

This should allow you to take a laptop or something similar into the cabin for free as well. However, I have never flown with American so it would be fantastic if someone could confirm this in the comments ebelow.

You will also have to follow the usual liquid limits of 100 ml (which I believe translates as 3.4 ounces but some confirmation from someone would be great – leave a comment if you are sure!)

American Airlines baggage allowance

American Airlines baggage allowance

It is worth checking here for the official American baggage allowance because sometimes airlines like to change the baggage rules!

American Airlines Excess Baggage Fees

There are some heavy excess baggage fees for exceeding the number of bags, size or weight limits for American flights like with any airline. It just serves to reiterate the fact that it is expensive to break the baggage rules.

American Airlines baggage fees.

So make sure your carry on bags fit!

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