Air Asia Hand Luggage Allowance – Air Asia Carry on Baggage Rules

Air Asia Cabin Baggage Policy Guide and Advice 2014

Air Asia`s carry on baggage policy is reasonable for a very low cost airline whose business model relies on extras and low upfront prices but there are still size and weight restrictions which need to be followed. The free Air Asia cabin baggage allowance is great for saving money on baggage fees as there is no free checked baggage.

Air Asia and their associated airlines offer very cheap airline tickets across Asia and Australia including Malaysia, Australia, China, Thailand, Japan, S Korea, Hong Kong, India, Nepal, Vietnam, the Philippines and more.

Air Asia - the leading low cost Asian airline. Image from Wikipedia

Air Asia – the leading low cost Asian airline. Image from Wikipedia

Carry on Bags Allowed On Air Asia

Air Asia allow you to take one piece of cabin baggage AND 1 laptop bag/handbag onto the plane for free.  This means you can quite feasibly travel with just hand luggage and save on the extra checked baggage fees.  See How to Travel Light for more information on travelling with no checked bags.

Air Asia Hand Luggage Dimensions and Weight Limit:

The main piece of cabin baggage cannot exceed the size of 56cm x 36 cm x 23 cm and NOT weight more than 7kg.

You also need to follow the standard liquid rules such as putting all liquids up to a maximum size of 100ml each in a transparent re sealable plastic bag up to 20cm x 20cm.

Air Asia`s carry on allowance allows you to take cabin bags up to 56 x 36 x 23 cm free of charge.

Air Asia`s carry on allowance allows you to take cabin bags up to 56 x 36 x 23 cm free of charge.  Image taken from AirAsia.com

This weight limit is actually quite low (in comparison to other airlines hand luggage allowances) and the size is roughly the standard maximum carry on size for non EU flights.

I would recommend purchasing some cheap luggage scales for peace of mind and so you avoid exceeding the weight limit and facing an excess baggage fee

Still, you are ALSO allowed a laptop bag with laptop accessories in it or a handbag for men or women as part of the Air Asia hand luggage allowance.

The official rules seem to make no mention of the maximum size of this extra bag but it clearly must be a laptop bag or handbag and I would recommend you do not push the limits and stay reasonable.

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Thanks and please check the latest information with the airline before flying to make sure they do sometimes change some rules overnight.  This information was correct at the time of writing and is most likely correct but please check on the official site and documents for the latest rules as this is a guide only.  Also, if you spot a mistake please help me and other flyers by posting a comment below.

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