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Best Luggage Tags – Personalise Your Luggage

Luggage Tags are a great and inexpensive way to add a little personality to your luggage as well as serving a practical purpose in decreasing the chances your bag goes missing.

American Airlines Carry on Bag Allowance

American Airlines Baggage Rules and Policy The free cabin baggage allowance for American Airlines is relatively decent and on the vast majority of flights allows you to take one piece of hand luggage up to 115 cm in total (45″). This means bags are allowed to be a maximum of 56 x 36 x 23

Can I take an umbrella on a plane?

Are umbrellas allowed as luggage? Umbrellas seem to be one of those items that people feel slightly unsure and uneasy about and taking on a plane. We tell you what the rules around umbrellas are and what you can expect. So can you take an umbrella on

The 10 Best Selling Hand Luggage Bags and Suitcases

We look at the best selling hand luggage bags and cases on Amazon which can very quickly help you establish what piece of hand luggage is best for you.  It’s useful to see what carry on bags and cases are popular, compare prices, styles, features, reviews and more which

EU Duty Free Limits – How Much Duty Free Are You Allowed

Within the EU there are relatively relaxed duty free rules which should allow most people to benefit when purchasing goods for personal use as you would expect given that free movement of goods is a foundation of the EU. So you can go to France and benefit